At Inverleigh Primary School we provide a safe and stimulating environment that nurtures and promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each student. Teaching teams work closely together to provide a consistent and comprehensive curriculum for all students.

We also offer our students a large variety of extra-curricular activities encouraging independence, teamwork strategies and improving leadership skills including:

  • Buddies Program: Grade Prep to Grade 6
  • LOTE
  • Grade 2 Sleep Over/Camps: Grade 3, 4, 5 & 6
  • Bike Education
  • Choir
  • Swimming Program
  • Life Education


Student Learning

At Inverleigh Primary we are equal to, above or well above, the State Median in all areas both in VELS and NAPLAN. At Inverleigh we have implemented a whole school Writing and Spelling Program allowing for strong assessment moderation across the year levels. Our attention is on implementing our whole school Nelson Writing Program and our Spelling Program. A strong focus on Maths and our work with Numeracy Expert Andrea Hillbrick has allowed us to develop a Numeracy program that caters for all student abilities.

Student Engagement & Wellbeing

Our Student Attitudes to school results are consistently higher than would normally be expected
in both the current year and in the 4 year average on an adjusted School Performance measure. This is primarily due to the outstanding preparation of students in the P-4 years to take increasing responsibility for their own learning in 5/6. In our upper levels our emphasis is on high expectations and challenging students to be their best in a learning environment carefully constructed by an outstanding team. Increasingly the children take greater responsibility for their own learning, the setting of personal goals and their own individual progress. As this is expanded, their personal self-esteem is enhanced and built up.

Student Pathways & Transitions

Our Transition Strategy is to prepare children to progress through the Year Levels; to be prepared for a school change and to move on to secondary school. This strategy is based on the premise that the more developed – personally, socially and emotionally and the more capable each child is academically the more easily they are able to cope with changes from the phases of schooling and the phases within schooling. Inverleigh Primary School Community provides a safe and equitable environment, where individual students are supported and nurtured in their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. By promoting the values of honesty, self-discipline and responsibility we endeavour to create independent learners for life. As part of this process we have 3 or 4 Kinder transition to school opportunities – 3 half days and one full day. We have an established “buddies” program with the Grade 6 children and mature Grade 5 children if needed.