At Inverleigh PS we use evidence based French teaching strategies. We believe and research shows that language is best learnt in an immersive environment. The teacher aims to speak most (80% or more) of the time in French and students try their best to communicate to their peers and teachers in French. The class uses simple routines and games to support the students in the extremely challenging task of participating in an immersive language program. 


Every class has learning intention and success criteria, so students know when they are successful, and the steps involved in making this success. These goals are created with the Victorian Curriculum in mind and are designed with repetition and revision in mind to consolidate the language skills. 


Students work on the four practical language skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening in a balanced way but with a stronger focus on the oral skills as these are foundational to all language learning. There is an additional focus on grammar and vocabulary as complementary skills, and these are weaved through the lessons to meet the outcomes. 


We also use CLIL (Content Language and Integrated Learning) where students learn both a content area and French language. While this might seem harder, it produces a meaningful context for the language learning. Students are able to see language being used in real contexts and the demands on their speaking and writing can also have a real use, beyond just talking for practice. In 2021, we have used CLIL in French to teach Science experiments, cooking, literature, and maths. We hope to expand the CLIL program in 2022.  









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