Any medication that is required to be administered at school must be handed into the school office at the beginning of the day and are:

  • In the original medication bottle or container.
  • Clearly labelled – including the name of the student, dosage and time to be administered.
  • Within its expiry date
  • Stored according to the product instructions
  • Accompanied by a completed Medication Authority Form, it is recommended to be authorised and signed by a medical/health practioner.

It is encouraged that parents and/or carers, where possible, can administer medication outside the school day, for example if medication is required to be taken three times a day it may be able to be taken before and after school, and before bed. Student's must not take their first dose of a new medication at school in case of an allergic reaction, the student should be supervised by the parent/carer or health professional.


Schools & school staff are not permitted to administer and store painkillers such as paracetamol or aspirin as these can mask signs and symptoms of serious illness and injury.


Note: Medication to treat asthma or anaphylaxis does not need to be accompanied by the medication authority form as it is covered in a student’s health plan.


Administration of Medication Policy


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