Uniform Info, Price List & Order Form

Following consultations within the school community during 1992, School Council recommended that a school uniform be worn at all times.    It is felt that school uniforms, as well as being economical, help maintain a good standard of dress within the school and encourage children to take pride in themselves and their school. These are only available through the office.



Girls - White/green gingham dresses.

Gold / Bottle Green polo top

Bottle green shorts or skort.

Bottle green track pants

Inverleigh Windcheater or Bomber Jacket


Boys -Gold / Bottle Green polo top.

Bottle green shorts (stubbies are acceptable.)

Bottle green track pants

Inverleigh Windcheater or Bomber Jacket


All -    Bottle Green Broad Brimmed Hat with the Inverleigh P.S. Logo.

            (Compulsory in Terms 1 and 4.)


Sports Uniform

All      Sports Top (Grade 3 – 6)

Green shorts.

White socks and runners.

Bottle Green Broad Brimmed Hat



Inverleigh Primary School has their own wide-brimmed hat with our logo on them. They must be worn when outside during Term 1 and 4.


Clothing and accessories not permitted.

We are a Sunsmart school and prefer all children to be in School Uniform. On days when they are allowed to wear casual, we would prefer that the children wear clothing that covers their shoulders and tummies.  Top's that do not cover your childs shoulders, such as tank tops, are not permitted to be worn. Thongs, reef sandals and shoes with high heels, dangling earrings, jewellery or make-up are not permitted at any time.




All articles of clothing and other belongings must be clearly named. 

 A “Lost Property" box is located in the Office.

We have a secondhand clothing supply located in the Tangerine Building. 

PRICE LIST - as of 01/05/2021


 Short Sleeve Polo – Green


 Short Sleeve Polo – Gold


 Long Sleeve Polo – Green


 Long Sleeve Polo – Gold


 Sports Polo*




 Bomber Jacket


 Waterproof Jacket






 Tracksuit Pants


 Gingham Dress


 School Bag





* Sports Polos are only for children in grades 3 to 6.


Please find the uniform order form HERE


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