BYOD Parent Information

The BYOD program is not compulsory for children in grade 3-6, however it is recommended that each child has their own iPad for learning. 

If purchasing an iPad causes undue hardship, please speak with Anne.


If you do not wish to purchase an iPad for your child they will have access to the school collection of iPads, however they are to remain at school and cannot be taken home as they are school property.




Families with students from grade 3 are requested to purchase their own iPad, it is not compulsory however it is recommended. 


JB HiFi Educational Solutions are our preferred provider and we have sourced a deal from them. After looking at several providers and purchasing options, the school is confident that JB HiFi Educational Solutions provides the best purchasing options for our school community. As a school we have been purchasing our iPads through JB HiFi Educational Solutions for several years. Apple iPads are not usually discounted to the public, but JB HiFi Educational Solutions will continue to offer parents the opportunity to purchase iPads at the school’s discounted rate. It is important that any iPads that are purchased for use at school meet our required specifications. This purchase will be done online with the iPad delivered directly to your home. 

To find instructions on how to order through JB HiFi, please see the iPad Purchasing Portal.

Once you have logged in you will find that you can only purchase an Apple 9th Gen iPad however you can choose between a 64gb or a 256gb. You will also find numerous accessories available for you to purchase. It is your choice as to whether you purchase these items through JB or source them independently. For example, covers, screen protectors, headsets etc.


If you choose to purchase a new iPad but not from JB HiFi Educational Solutions, you will still be required to supply an Apple 9th Gen iPad either a 64gb or a 256gb.


Please note that when you purchase an iPad, the insurance and maintenance will become your responsibility. Your child will have the ability to take the iPad home, as it will be owned by you. However, we highly recommend that the iPads stay at school as much as possible to ensure that they are charged overnight ready for use at school, they receive important security updates, and it minimises the risk of damage in your child’s school bag.

The school has Firewall security in place which will block some apps that you (or your child) may choose to install for use at home. Your child will not be able to access social media sites, for example, while at school. It is also important to note that at the beginning of the school year we will need to install a program manager app to every iPad so that we can manage all the apps that are required for learning. This procedure will wipe any existing apps from an iPad – please be aware of this if you purchase an iPad and install apps before the beginning of the school year! 




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