BYOD iPad Program

Due to the changes in the Parent Payment Policy, we are no longer able to offer an annual Technology Levy as partial payment for the school owned devices.


The 1:1 iPad program has become an integral part of our students’ learning in Grades 3-6, and we believe that it is essential for this to continue. Previously, the Technology Levy paid by parents for students in Grades 3-6 has partially paid for the acquisition of these devices, insurance and maintenance, and the apps used for learning. At the conclusion of the Grade 6 school year, students have been able to keep these devices, where the Technology Levy has been paid from Grade 3 onwards.

This year’s qualifying Grade 6 students will be able to keep their iPads at the conclusion of the school year. For all other students in Grades 3-5, and this year’s Grade 2 students, we are requesting parents to purchase an iPad, preferably for exclusive use at school.


The BYOD program is not compulsory for children in grade 3-6, however it is recommended that each child has their own iPad for learning. 


As this BYOD iPad program is new to IPS, we encourage your support and feedback in helping implement this program to make it the best and easiest it can be. 



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