School History

The first school to open in Inverleigh was the Presbyterian School early in 1856. The building had been completed in 1855. School records show that there was no teacher appointed until 1857. Either the school was run by unqualified staff, or in these very early days, it was merely a Sunday school. Daniel Campbell was appointed by the School - Church Committee, in time to begin the school year in 1857.


Early in 1856, the Anglican Church opened a school near the Cemetery, which functioned until 1872. Little is known of it except that the early Presbyterian School records show that in 1867 it charged lower fees than the Presbyterian school and that many pupils transferred to the cheaper school.


In 1865 the Presbyterian school charged a shilling a week. During the 1860's it was decided to build a stone school to take the place of the old wooden building.


Extensive collection campaigns were organized and resulted in 188 Pounds with 50 Pounds more in promises. Robert Wishart was contracted to build the school for 160 Pounds. A Mrs. Daniel’s was contracted to provide furniture and fittings for 245 Pounds ten shillings.


The Board of Education took over the school in 1872, and on 13th April 1872, the Committee made claim to the Department for 450 Pounds plus 30 Pounds for furniture. Daniel Campbell resigned on 25th November 1883. In 1885 the Committee applied for a tin roof to cover the leaking shingles, it was supplied in 1889.


The school residence was erected in 1912.


A Board of Advice managed the school until 1910 when School Committees were established.


Some Highlights of the 20th Century consist of:


March 1931 School plantation started.
April 1936 First reference to Bannockburn and District School Sports.
May 3rd 1937 The School Committee purchased two 7lb tins of sweets to be distributed to the children. Coronation Day.  A portrait of the King was purchased (cost One Pound five shillings) and medals were presented.
October 2nd 1944 The Committee became affiliated with the Geelong Combined State School Committees' Association. The fee was 51- for schools less than 50 pupils.
June 1952 A Wireless with extension speaker was purchased at a cost of Forty pounds.
School Centenary 1856 -1956 To commemorate the Centenary, Tea and a Concert was held after the official opening, by the Hon. E. F. Guye M.L.A. of a new classroom and staff room. The number of pupils made this necessary rising to 110. Over 400 people attended this celebration.
14th April 1958 The school adopted a uniform of grey with green with white bands on the Jumpers and ties to be compulsory.
17th August 1960 A plaque in memory of Sir Thomas Dunhill (surgeon to the monarch) and former pupil of the school was unveiled by his uncle, Mr. C.H. Peel.
10th March 1961  The trustees of Murdeduke School presented Inverleigh with 368 Pounds to build and maintain a tennis court. Many pupils have derived much pleasure from it.
December 1970 The National Trust registered The Inverleigh School and included on the Government Buildings Register.
December 1976

The School Committee was renamed School Councils.

The Mothers’ Club which began in Inverleigh in 1927 has supported the school in many ways. It is now known as the Parents and Friends Association.




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